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Class Descriptions

We offer both Open air area and indoor class options : You must sign up on Wodify to reserve your spot for all classes !

Slay harder

Circuit training with a mix of Lift ~ HIIT~Tabata 40 seconds to work 20 seconds of rest fast paced heart pumping adrenaline rush Lower body focused



Slower tempo heavier lift infused with HIIT EMOM



Pretty bad ass work out-30 minutes full body HIIT....SIMPLE MOVEMENTS ....THAT PACK A PUMP.....


Heavy Hiitter

The definition for HEAVY HITTER Is an important or powerful person....well we are breaking that down with this hiit class.... Starting with heavy for you weights moving slow & controlled because this is important & adding a blast of a powerful cardio or core movement! These will be timed intervals & we will be moving the entire you will not be bored!


Slower temp lift with HIIT typically focused on upper body~ AMRAP CIRCUITS


Ring of fire

Tabata style circuits ... full body.....functional fitness and weights 


Iron edge

Class is off-campus the location is posted weekly functional fitness and performance meet fun efficient and nonsense workouts that build real results and give you an iron edge-iron NO CARDIO upper body focused



Off-campus class location is posted weekly Make the World your GYM..... Bodyweight exercise and cardio


Jen and joga

Yoga inspired body weight training session!


Run group

Locations and times are always posted each week come run your wild with us! All running paces and levels are always welcome No one gets left behind


Glo and Flo

yoga inspired flow and cardio with lighter weight ....... this is not your Momma’s yoga....



Full body SUPER high intensity interval training ~heavier weights

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